Get rid of your tenant billing spreadsheets.

Retail store energy bills often mean hours of work for the building manager. Have Calidity calculate them for you.

Energy data collection

For one building, or your entire portfolio

Collect energy meter data from all buildings in your portfolio. Compare energy usage, find your highest consuming tenants, and get important data for tenant invoicing.

Where can it be used?

Connects to existing electric, gas, water and heat-energy meters.

Calidity connects to your existing metering system over common automation protocols, such as Meter-Bus, Modbus or BACnet. We'll ship you a connector device that pulls the data from your automation network. If there is no existing network then our experts advise you on the best solution start collecting data automatically.

What else is included?

Statistics and usage reporting out-of-box.

Sending meter data points into Calidity helps you on your quarterly and annual reports. Know who's using the most energy, who hasn't reported correctly - and help your tenants use energy efficiently.

How do i get it?

We'll help you plan it.

Starting your move to automation? Planning an expansion of your remote metering solution? Our solutions experts are here to plan your automatic metering solution.

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