Take control of your building's technical systems.

Cut through the noise with intelligent dashboards.
Dig deeper with custom charts and tables.
Change setpoints and schedules over the internet.

Where can it be used?

For one building, or your entire portfolio.

Managing BMS systems in a building portfolio is a full time job - however we believe that the job can be done much more efficiently.

The Calidity building energy management system (BEMS) is designed to enable technicians to truly control their technical systems as efficiently as possible - whether it’s a complicated ventilation system or simple heating unit.

A Holistic overview

All your data under one roof.

The Calidity cloud based system is able to bring together data from various buildings to create a centralized dashboard of the status of all technical systems.

We create a possibility to forward alarms to building managers in modern ways. Take a deep-dive into the efficiency of your building portfolio!

Control loop optimization

Unlock additional savings in your existing systems.

Calidity has created a proprietary way of optimizing the way HVAC systems work. We can run various optimization algorithms on top of existing logics in the automation systems to unlock additional savings.

For example creating a demand based ventilation system is just a matter of installing a couple of IoT air quality sensors into the building.

Control loop optimization

We work with your existing systems.

The Calidity BEMS is hardware agnostic and can work with any kind of automation hardware that has the ability to communicate over an automation protocol. If the facility has automation devices with no communication possibility then we can advise the building owners regarding the suitable devices they could use to replace the existing ones. Our web application is accessible in any device with an internet connection, but at the same time provides 21st century security.

How to buy

Get your quote from us.

In order for us to provide an exact quote for implementing the solution, we would need information about the size and location of the building as well as existing technical systems, and their automation units.

A brief description of the main issues in the building would be useful so we could better understand the solution we should provide.

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