HVAC, solar, energy and more.

Calidity has a portfolio of building management solutions that will cut down site visits, save time debugging issues, and provide real energy savings from deployment day onwards.

Where can it be used?

Data collection

Configure data collection from Modbus, M-Bus, BACNet and more networks. Deploy the Calidity Cloud Gateway that securely gathers data without exposing building systems to the Internet.

Data gathering can be configured with an interval as low as 2 minutes.

All data is stored in the Calidity Cloud and can be analyzed, datapoint by datapoint.

Granularly define device profiles or customizations, so that you can tie together data no matter how custom your set-up is.

A Holistic overview

Gather alarms and add new ones.

Calidity's alarm system collects alarms from devices and allows defining new alarms. You can configure SMS and email as well, so you never miss an important alarm.

Control loop optimization

Control devices based on anything.

Use our Control Optimizer to automatically tune the HVAC based on CO2 or energy market prices.

Use the Scheduling system to turn off the fans on the weekend, even if the HVAC doesn't support scheduling.

Define Constant Control points so you can set the temperature or turn on the sauna from the Calidity App.

Control loop optimization

Charts and trends.

View charts and trends of how temperatures or energy consumption has changed over time.

Customize charts when you're doing deep analysis.

Export energy meter readings to Excel to prepare invoices to your tenants.

How to buy

Reach out to start a pilot program.

In order to start using Calidity, your existing building systems need to start sending data to Calidity. Contact our team to plan a pilot project with minimal cost, then roll out with full integration to all your systems.

If you don't have the required hardware (air quality sensors, remote metering modules etc) our team can include them in the proposal. It is also possible to rent the hardware for a short-term survey.

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