Keep track of your building's energy consumption.

Send all of your remote metering data to a central data warehouse. Analyze your energy usage with charts and suggestions. Automatic export to your ERP system or Excel.

Where can it be used?

Automatic meter collection over your entire portfolio.

Tracking energy consumption is often a pencil-and-paper affair. At Calidity, we believe that achieving great results in energy efficiency measures begins with measuring how much energy and resources is actually used in the building portfolio and automatically sending the data to the necessary place.

Fully integrated to your existing system

Pull your energy data into your ERP system.

The Calidity EMS cloud platform is able to collect energy consumption information from various sources. Starting from reading it from existing systems (such as MBus networks) and BMS systems, ending with providing an end-to-end retrofit solution for digitizing and collecting energy consumption data.

Analyse your energy costs

Track your energy costs and where they come from.

Calidity's analytics enable the customers to track, analyse and compare consumption data within a building or compare it between various buildings in a single portfolio. Trend analysis provides insights about deviations from the norm - enabling the user to find faults in technical systems.

Smaller upfront costs

We work with your existing systems.

Most EMS systems are limited to specific hardware and software solutions. We are completely hardware agnostic - we want to provide our customers the best value with the lowest initial investment to the solution. In addition, our system is able to forward consumption data to ERP systems, which enables the automatic creation of utility invoices to your tenants.

How to buy

Tailor made for your building portfolio.

In order for us to provide an exact quote for implementing the solution, we would need to know the size and location of the facility as well as the amounts and types of various energy and resource meters already installed. We use this information to create an understanding of the necessary hardware needed to deliver quality data flow of consumption data.

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