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Norway Grants ja EAS toetavad Calidity tarkvara edendamist

Last updated on
September 21, 2022

Eesti-Norra koostööprogramm „Green ICT“ toetab TarkVent OÜ ellu viidavat projekti 'Calidity EMS arendamine' 98 072,02 euro ulatuses. Projekti periood on mai 2022 - aprill 2024.

Projekti kontaktisik on Karl Erik Kalmus -


TarkVent OÜ project "Calidity EMS arendamine" is supported by the Norway Grants "Green ICT" programme with 98072.02 euros of funding. The project period is from May 2022 until April 2024.

Contact of the project manager - Karl Erik Kalmus,

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